Brand Collateral Design

Brand collateral comprises all of the marketing media and print material that you use to bolster your business and increase sales. You need to consider the purpose and message of every piece of branding collateral you produce, as it will all form an impression in the minds of your customers and impact their perception of your company.

Primal Tribe’s talented design team can create a wide variety of brand collateral items:

  • Websites
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Digital and Print Brochures
  • Digital and Print Newsletters
  • Social Media Posts
  • PowerPoint / Keynote Presentations
  • Tradeshow Display/Exhibition Stands
  • Signage
  • Product Packaging

We create this brand collateral with our thorough and meticulous process:


Evaluation & Customer Research

Primal Tribe backs up our brand collateral designs by data and research about your industry and your clients.

Presentation of Multiple Concepts

We present you with multiple concepts and allow you to choose the best option for your business, customers, and objectives.

Relationships with Printers

Primal Tribe has cultivated relationships with printing specialists that take care of your print collateral. If you have your preferred printers, that works too.

Connections with Channel Partners

We use multiple marketing channels to get your message across so we have videographers and photographers at our disposal when these services are needed.

Having your brand collateral designed by Primal Tribe has many benefits:

Customer Recognition

The more a prospect or customer interacts with your business, the more they recognize your brand and develop an association with your company’s products or services.

Sets You Apart

No other company will have the same branding as you do when you come to Primal Tribe. We do our research to make sure you have a unique visual presence.

Attracts Ideal Customers

Your brand collateral is well-researched and designed with your persona (ideal customer) in mind. It will bring in the best leads that will turn into customers.

Builds Brand Equity

Brand equity is essentially the trust that you have built with customers. Over time, your brand becomes the value of your repeat customers and the money they bring into your business.


Consistency and Stability

When you invest in your branding, customers get the impression that you are an experienced and reliable player in your industry.


Multiple Exposures

Your brand will be consistent across all of your brand collateral, so customers that engage with you see it numerous times throughout a transaction.


Your branding is a set of guidelines that will regulate your design across all of your marketing. Including digital or print material, your website, and social media interactions.

Saves Money

You don’t have to have every piece of marketing or document separately designed, you have a guide and designs already at your fingertips.

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