Brand Design & Management

Branding encompasses your mission, values, and atmosphere; along with perceptions the public currently has about your company. Your brand can essentially be summed up as your reputation. It’s what makes you immediately identifiable to your prospects and customers. It lets them know what to expect from your company and can make you unique in your industry. Compelling branding depends on consistency. It should be meticulously crafted. When branding is done right, you can develop a rapport and emotional connection with prospects that will lead to loyal, life-long customers and stored value for your business.

A focused and compelling branding strategy, presented through professionally designed marketing materials, can provide many benefits:


Branding is Unique

Primal Tribe will create a campaign, branding strategy, or collateral that is tailor-made for your business and targeted towards the prospects that are most likely to be interested in purchasing your product or service. Unique to your business needs.

Objective-first Design

We know every business owner has a goal in mind when they create or rejuvenate their brand image. Primal Tribe will meet with your team and identify your intentions and determine the direction of your business. We design a strategy around these objectives.

Gain Insights

Our team will help you collect data and information about your ideal customers so that you can create a branding strategy and materials that will appeal to them and attract their business to your company.

Refine Your Message

Primal Tribe can help you figure out the essence of your business and how to effectively communicate this to prospective and current customers. They will know your value clearly and never be confused about what you stand for.



Refresh Your Look

Are your website, logo and print collateral and website looking a little dated? We can create a whole new look for your business and make it consistent across all of your marketing materials. This can have a rejuvenating effect on your business.


Build Customer Loyalty

When your brand is coherent and consistent your products are improved, employees know how to be great ambassadors for your business, and you encourage customers to keep coming back.

Introduce Products Successfully

Sometimes just a new product launch needs a fresh look that represents its value. We work with both business brands and product branding.


Clarify Your Benefits

As a business owner, you should be able to communicate the benefits of your products or services to clients. We can help you carefully consider the value you bring to your customers and how to demonstrate this to your prospects clearly.

Primal Tribe takes the following approach to brand design and management:

1: Discovery

Primal Tribe will collect information on your business, products, competition and determine the challenges your business is facing. Our team will compile data on your customer base and strategize the best way to target them effectively.

2: Exploration

At this stage, we collaborate with you to brainstorm and test new ideas. We can become creative as there are so many paths a project can take. We may consider the impact of branding changes or try to reach a new market or demographic that you haven’t considered targeting.

3: Ideation

During this phase we have to narrow down our options and decide on the optimum strategy for your particular circumstances that will help to grow your business. Not all concepts will be appropriate and efficient for your given situation.

4: Conceptualize

After we determine the direction and goals of the project we will create design mockups, conduct product testing, line up a work schedule and ensure you approve the initial concept before we begin any work.

5: Implementation

Our talented team then extends the brand onto other key branded materials based on your approved concept, and we provide regular updates on the status of your project and ask you for your input along the way.

6: Integration & Training

Primal Tribe will ensure that your branding is consistent across your website, signage and print collateral. We also provide your staff with a clear brand presentation so that everyone knows what the message is.

7: Promotions Planning

You have a brand new website and it looks amazing, but will anyone see it? Our promotions team ensures that your site is where your customers are online; ranks well on search engines and keeps visitors coming back and interacting with your business.

8: integration & Training

After your site is launched, you are in the driver’s seat with your website. We provide your team training sessions to show you how to use your Content Management System (CMS) and we can support you throughout the lifespan of your website.

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