Brand & Logo Design

Your company’s brand embodies your business goals and the value of your products and services; in visual form. It encompasses your mission statement as well as the design, images, taglines, colours and typeface on your logo and website. Branding provides a consistent, but discernible, visual identity that separates you from your competition in your industry and seals you in the memories of prospects and customers. It acts as a store of the value you deliver over time.

Primal Tribe is conscientious when building your logo and company brand; we adhere to the following process:


Discovery & Interviews

Primal Tribe conducts an interview with you to learn about your vision for your brand and logo.


Analyze Research

We organize research and collection of information about your competition to determine how to make your visual identity stand out in the market.


Design Conception

Primal Tribe creates a comprehensive design concept aligned with your objectives and our research. We then present it to you for feedback and approval.

Training & Roll-out

We will provide you the assistance and knowledge you need to roll-out and maintain your brand properly so that it will generate the results you expect.

Here is why your business needs professional branding and logo design:

Expertly Designed

A professional graphic designer will take your vision for your branding and create a logo and branding style that is visually appealing, and modern that will also reflect your business.

Look Polished

A cohesive, professional logo and brand can give your business enough polish to show your customers that you are serious about providing a quality product or service.

Differentiate from Competition

A distinctive brand and logo can set you apart from your competitors in your industry and convey a superior perceived value to your customers.

Build Equity

When a brand builds trust and recognition, the brand itself can become a commodity. It can be leveraged into multiple locations for your business, or you can sell it through licensing or franchises.

Impact Ideal Customers

When Primal Tribe creates your brand and logo, we will consider its appeal to your ideal customers so it will attract and maintain this target audience that you want.


Demonstrate Consistency

Paying attention to your branding can demonstrate that your business isn’t a fly-by-night operation and build trust with customers.


Adapt Over Time

As your business grows and matures, so should your logo and branding. It can become stagnant if not revisited and re-evaluated at regular intervals.

Training & Roll-out

Primal Tribe will provide training and advice on how to roll-out and maintain your branding standards across your company and staff.

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