Brand Strategy

Brand strategy helps your company to determine the unique value of your product or service; if your ideal customers are buying your product or service; how your ideal customers perceive your business; the strengths and weaknesses of your competition; and the best geographical markets to target. Your branding goes far beyond your logo and making your documents and signage look appealing. You need to have an extensive and overarching brand strategy that answer the questions at the core to your business model. It should represent your values and objectives. Primal Tribe examines and scrutinizes every part of your business from initial set up, atmosphere, and customer service experience when we create a branding strategy.

Primal Tribe achieves meticulous branding strategy through the following process:


Strategic Planning Sessions

Primal Tribe plans out a course of action for your branding. We meet with you and find out your ideas and combine it with our recommendations

Customer and Persona Research

We delve into researching and gathering information on your current or potential customer base; their demographics, buying preferences and interests.

User Experience (UX) Studies

Our company can conduct usability testing to detect how people use your website and their preferred methods of interacting with your business.

Surveys and Focus Groups

Primal Tribe can develop and implement surveys and focus groups about any aspect of your business and its branding. We figure out what appeals to your ideal customers and how to create the most efficient brand strategy.

Come to Primal Tribe for your branding strategy and we can assist you with:

Defining Your Business Model

Brand strategy clarifies your mission and sets expectations for your business model and how you will company will conduct itself. This directs the marketing activities you should pursue.

Differentiating Your Value

Many companies in your industry make excellent products or provide great service; how will your business stand out from the rest of the competition?


Gaining New Insights

Through research and evaluation of your website analytics, focus groups and surveys you can gather information on the aspects of company’s marketing that are performing to your expectations and where there are opportunities for growth.

Understanding Your Customers

Brand strategy gives you access to a wealth of information about how prospects and current customers perceive your business; how visitors use your site; and why they are, or aren’t, converting into customers.


Strengthen Your Message

You need a strong, consistent message across all of your brand collateral that appeals to your ideal clients and explains the value of your business.

Position Against Competition

When people use the internet, they have access to information about your industry and your competition. You need to be intriguing amid this inundation of websites and content they must sort through.


Testing New Ideas

Staying still is the curse of marketing. Your business can’t stagnate or rest on their past marketing success. It’s important to try fresh and innovative ideas to remain current.


Reaching New Markets

Brand strategy can open up new opportunities and discover markets that you may not have been targeting, but could use some marketing attention.

If your business disappeared tomorrow; what would your customers be missing out on?
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