Campaign Planning

A campaign plan provides you a path toward marketing success by laying out objectives, activities, resources and workflow. It will allow you to complete marketing activities and implement them with careful forethought to produce a vibrant, functional digital marketing campaign. A campaign plan determines which communication channels or web platforms we will use; any creative items that will be produced; the schedule of the project; the responsibilities for each phase and who will complete each activity; the expected outcomes of the project and any tools or metrics we will use to measure success.

Primal Tribe organizes marketing campaigns that yield impressive results because we follow a proven approach:


Campaign Planning Sessions

Primal Tribe bases all campaigns off the knowledge and insights we gain from planning sessions we conduct with you. We want your business to be heard and understood.

Budget Planning

We collaborate with you to determine the reality of how much you can afford to spend and your most pressing marketing needs. We have financing options available to help with the cost of funding your project.

Creative Planning

We determine what creative and digital marketing products you will need to develop your brand to establish or grow your business in the market.

Analytics and Metrics Monitoring

Primal Tribe installs data gathering tools and audits your website to detect trends in traffic and customer usage.

Media Planning, Scheduling & Buying

If your project requires media capabilities beyond our scope, we assist you with arranging media with partners. Primal Tribe has contacts to help you with the purchase and scheduling of media distribution through our relationships with the appropriate channels.

Here are some advantages of having a professional campaign plan for your business:

Foresight & Planning

A thorough plan at the outset will ensure that it is the right fit and direction for your business and prevent any obstacles from occurring during your project.


Timely Completion

We create a realistic schedule before we begin a project so that it is completed as efficiently as possible and the work is done in the correct order to prevent redundancies.

Maximize Your ROI

We match you with the services that will bring the most benefit to your business so that your budget is optimized and used effectively.


Built-in Adaptation

Primal Tribe works with you to adapt your brand strategy as your business grows and matures. This is necessary to stay relevant and accessible to your customers.

Multi-channel Perspective

During a campaign planning project, Primal Tribe considers every avenue for delivering your marketing message to your online audience.

Care-free Management

Once a project begins, the schedule and workflow processes are in place, so the project runs smoothly, and communication is effortless.


Detailed Reporting

Primal Tribe provides our clients with comprehensive reports of the performance of the marketing activities we have completed, along with recommendations for adjustments to the campaign plan.

Repeatable Results

Campaign planning works! It can provide results that are dependable and can be replicated for all of your marketing campaigns.

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