Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a set of tools designed to streamline and simplify some of the most time-consuming responsibilities of the modern marketing and sales roles. It can automatically send email communications, customize your messaging to a particular website visitor, or suggest an upcoming sale that may be of interest. Primal Tribe can help you learn existing software or build customized tools to assist with the management and analysis of marketing campaigns through the automation of customer interactions and engagements. Marketing automation increases your efficiency and assists you with growing your revenue faster through the use of technology.

Marketing Automation is used in a variety of modern marketing situations:

  • Landing pages that collect customer data.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Automated, with personalized responses.
  • Creating content targeted towards different visitor personas.
  • A/B Testing.

Here is how marketing automation can take your business to the next level:


Personalize Messages

You can automate the process by inputting unique or personally targeted information into your messages; such as a prospect’s name, to make it personalized before it is sent to a potential or current customer. Personalization makes customers feel valued.


You can send out messages targeted towards a particular demographic based on information they provided on your website or a previous purchase from your business. Different audiences may respond to different messages.


Drives Action

Effectively written calls-to-action encourage visitors to provide information in return for this data. Visitors may download content offers, watch a video, or use a tool your company has created. All of this motivates them to interact with your business and build a deeper understanding of their needs.


Speed of Interaction

When customers visit your website and sign up to receive a content offer, you can connect with them right away with an automated solution. They will instantly receive an automated welcome confirmation message and their customized content. Without the need for a sales person to interact.


Drive the Sales Funnel

Automated responses and triggers can drive a customer towards purchase or contact by anticipating needs automatically. After a certain number of interactions, they are flagged for a sales call.


Maximize Employee Value

Marketing automation puts your staff where they need to be. With an automated solution, a single employee can execute complex, ongoing campaigns and connect with far more leads and customers than would be possible if you stick with manual tools.


Saves You Time

A significant aspect of marketing automation is that it can manage tasks such as capturing information, sorting data and sending e-mails or download links. Automation frees up you time with things that won’t add any value if done by hand.


Expand Your Contacts

Your list of prospects and leads will continue to grow over time as more people interact with your business, buy your products and download your content offers. Marketing automation helps to collect their data and expand your network of customers automatically for you.

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