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What’s Next?
GRC Camp Services is primed for further evolution. Currently, they dominate Western Canada with their stellar reputation and quality service offerings, but they’d like to expand beyond the West. Through monthly analysis and a Search Engine Optimization program complemented by smart content strategy, messaging could be fine-tuned, and a broader audience reached.

Helping Forge a New Path for an Established Company

GRC Camp Services began its life as George Ross Catering, a food-first catering company that contracted its services out to industrial, oil and gas and resource development companies, providing great food to hungry workers at camp sites. What set them apart from competitors was their attention to quality. They don’t simply hire cooks but instead recruit executive chefs to run their kitchens, rewarding camp residents with creatively crafted menu items, fresh ingredients, and an appetizing array of food variety. The difference was obvious and as a result, their services became more and more in demand. One problem they consistently faced when they began to setup for a new job, was that camp management was often a huge hindrance. This realization put the company on the road to expanding their business to include all aspects of camp management, and GRC Camp Services was born. An expansion of this size, as well as a name change, called for a new look, a bolder brand, and a host of professionally designed marketing pieces. This is where Primal Tribe stepped in.

Project Goal

1. Design a Professional Brand

With this major growth and expansion, GRC was ready to tackle a complete visual transformation. To begin with, Primal Tribe went through a logo design process. Presenting a variety of logo variations in different formats and styles gave GRC a chance to decide what type of look best suited their business. After deciding on their new logo, we guided them through the website design process, creating a sleek, professional site that would help them establish a solid online presence and attract new business. Beefing up their brand saw the creation of other marketing materials: business cards, powerpoint template, tradeshow displays, ad, brochures and more. Their shiny new image has played a significant role in their continued expansion and has taken their website right to page 1 in a Google search for camp services.