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What’s Next?
Search Engine Optimization remains a huge priority for Hoisting Ltd. Their organization will continue to be competitive in search engine rankings through regular review of their SEO program with Primal Tribe. They want to continue to work on the quality of their online content and possibly add embedded videos of their work. They are even considering starting a blog.

Lifting Up a Specialist in Crane and Hoist Technology

Hoisting Ltd. is an experienced player in the crane and hoist industry. They have 25 years of successful projects to their credit and have worked with some prominent organizations such as Syncrude, ALCO, and the Genesse Power Generating Station. This company can manufacture, service, maintain and rent out crane and hoist equipment for various construction and oil and gas projects.

A concern that this client expressed when they met with Primal Tribe was that their original website didn’t show up until the second or third page on search engines. The company completed projects all over Western Canada, but their searches were confining their visitors to Edmonton and the surrounding area; leaving them unknown to potential customers in other western provinces. A website refresh that would overhaul their website with updated look and layout to provide a mobile responsive experienced for their users.

“The web designer from Primal Tribe was so easy to communicate with; they had a clear understanding of what we wanted. We liked the layout right away with almost no need for revision. Working with Primal Tribe was also a quick process, with an efficient turn around time.”

—Bryan Whitty, Business Development Manager at Hoisting Ltd.

Project Goals

1. An Updated, Contemporary Website

Hoisting requested that their new website have a modern look and give visitors to their site a positive perception of their company. To realize this goal, Primal Tribe incorporated contemporary features such as active banners. This allowed their home page to display images and content that would highlight products, company news or offered promotions.

2. Improve the Photography

The company wanted to improve their photo galleries during their web refresh project. In collaboration with Hoisting, we set about the task of upgrading to current and better quality images for their site. At the completion of the project, the site displayed high-resolution photos that showed potential customers the diversity of projects that Hoisting is capable of working on for the different industries they serve.