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Each year Hydra Rafting has continued to partner with Primal Tribe to continue to improve its annual growth through content-based SEM programs. The future of the website looks bright as we move to adapt for a more mobile consumer.

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The Banff region in the Rocky Mountains is an excellent hub for a variety of summer and winter sports. Hydra Rafting is a top rated rafting company that operates throughout the Kicking Horse River system which travels through the breathtaking sights and sounds of the Rocky Mountains. As a regionally-based and seasonal business, it can be a continued struggle to build momentum and interest in rafting adventures during the winter off season. Hydra was looking for a way to gain steady growth and bookings from their website for the summer months and to expand their reach beyond BC and Alberta. We began by redesigning the Hydra website to build a better reflect the exciting adventures possible on a Hydra rafting adventure. The new website featured bold, bright colours, fantastic photos, and a variety of detailed package information. Building on the new website we also helped to produce a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program through SEO Setup activities and seasonal content development that has drastically increased both local and non-local website traffic. The SEM approach has also made their planning process simpler as each season is more dependably consistent and their promotions are more cost-effective as a result. We continue to build on this success through further content building on the website each year.

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Project Goals

1. Inspire the Adventurous Heart

Envisioning yourself on an adventure before you have it, is the most compelling way to encourage a commitment. With the development of the new website, we aimed to build in aspiration and visual sensations of having an exciting rafting adventure. The best way to do this was to present the raw power, the vivid colours and the happy faces of the rafters from the actual adventures. We built a site that showcased large images and introduced the package information simply and clearly to encourage the start to a great rafting adventure now.

2. Attract New Adventure Seekers Consistently

To bring season after season of new rafting adventurers we worked to build strong, compelling and relevant content throughout the website that would strengthen the influence of the website as a subject matter leader. The new website has grown to be a strong presence for need-based and regional searches for Rafting in both Alberta, and British Columbia.