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What’s Next?
In the future, Iracore wants to launch a redesigned main company site and amalgamate it with the products website constructed by Primal Tribe. We would be proud to work on this project in partnership with Iracore. With a brand new website to show off to their customers, this business will also need a targeted and refined strategy to keep them on top of search engine rankings so potential clients can find them.

Preparing a Worldwide Industrial Company for Digital Marketing Growth

Iracore International solves abrasion and corrosion problems faced by the oil and gas, mining, power generation, transportation and water treatment industries. They have been conducting research, as well as designing and manufacturing polymers such as rubber, polyurethane and neoprene for over 50 years. Iracore strives to match their customers with the most effective solutions for the demands and requirements of their particular work environment.

Iracore creates cutting edge products that are in demand around the globe. They have proven their effectiveness in the field with the consistent cost savings to their client base. Despite this, the company’s web presence and design didn’t match their professionalism and capabilities. They needed a new product database to ensure that their full range of products are showcased to clients and would be easy to maintain and keep up to date.

Primal Tribe created a new website specifically focused on Iracore’s innovative and visually striking merchandise. This company needed a website that truly represented the value and demand of their products. Our team designed Iracore’s website on the DNN (DotNetNuke) CMS, which included a photo gallery and rotating banner plug-in to display the images of their products front and center. This site also has a mobile responsive design so that it looks professional on any device. Primal Tribe also included baseline search engine optimization (SEO) services for this client. This project was the beginning of the process to eventually combine a main company site with the products site we designed for Iracore.

Project Goals

1. Showcase Products With Our Custom Development Capabilities

The primary goal that Iracore and Primal Tribe wanted to accomplish with this project was to complete a website that would provide current and prospective clients a complete products listing and inventory tool. This would allow visitors to browse through their merchandise and find information online, resulting in more satisfied customers converting into sales for the company.

2. Refurbish Iracore’s Branding

Primal Tribe made it a priority to ensure that the products website we built for Iracore ( maintained the spirit and colour scheme of the branding on the company’s original main website ( while giving it a refurbished and modern direction for when the time came to update