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What’s Next?
LorenzTeam has the opportunity for a Search Engine Marketing program that will provide fresh and relevant content on their website. They could also benefit from new print collateral to show off their new image and branding.

Building a Custom Online Home for a Real Estate Firm

LorenzTeam is a small, but mighty real estate firm that’s active selling properties all over the capital region. Their five realtors are kept busy selling homes in Edmonton and the surrounding suburban and rural areas. What’s unique about LorenzTeam is that they have a wide variety of talents on staff, and they match the strengths of the realtor to the property the client is looking to buy or sell for the most efficient and stress-free experience for their customers.

Before hiring Primal Tribe, LorenzTeam had a difficult time staying on par with their competition in online search engine rankings. Real estate is such a competitive business, and it takes powerful marketing tools to remain on top. Primal Tribe redesigned Their website and now has the feel of a high-end real estate firm. Their online presence now exudes professionalism and competence to online visitors. It also provides a wealth of information and promotes the transparency of their business, which improves their search engine ranking.

Primal Tribe was hired by LorenzTeam to conduct a website redesign for their current site. We also installed a rotating banner, blog, “Contact Us” form and a custom real estate listings module for this client. We ensured that LorenzTeam would be easy to find through online searches by conducting baseline search engine optimization (SEO) setup activities. What sets the website for LorenzTeam apart from others in the real estate industry is that it is all customized work. It has a bold look and a unique way of presenting information to prospective buyers and sellers. This design was an opportunity for Primal Tribe to rise to the challenge of making all of the images and information adaptable to mobile devices. This was an impressive feat with this particular website design.

Project Goals

1. Attract More Homebuyers to the Lorenz Team Website

One of the primary goals of this project was to attract more online visitors to the LorenzTeam website. This client wanted to use their site as a way to engage with people who were in the process of buying or selling a home. We developed and executed a plan to improve their site, boost their search engine rankings and harness the power of the internet to get prospects excited about working with this real estate firm.

2. Showcase the Properties LorenzTeam Has for Sale

People who are buying a home love to see pictures and gather information on different properties that are available in their area. Individuals who are putting their house on the market want to know that it will be portrayed in the best light possible and won’t be sitting on the market for months on end. The custom real estate listings module that Primal Tribe created allowed the company to display the properties that are available from the LorenzTeam.