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What’s Next?
Manluk will continue to be successful and grow their customer base. By conducting regular reviews of their Google Analytics information and following search engine optimization (SEO) best practices we can expect traffic growth over time. This company would may in future incorporate inbound marketing programs that will attract visitors through engaging, relevant content on their website; rather than having to seek out prospects continually through costly and slow traditional marketing and advertising methods.

Forging a New Path for a Petrochemical and Mining Fabrication Company

Manluk Corporation provides industrial fabrication, welding, forging, and coating/plating services mainly to the petrochemical and mining sectors. From their production facility in Wetaskiwin, Alberta they create products that are leading the industry, and Manluk receives orders from all over the world.

Before hiring Primal Tribe, Manluk’s website didn’t do justice to the capacity and expertise of their business. Manluk exports a significant amount of products to Asia, Europe, and South America and their old website didn’t communicate the size of the company and the professionalism of the employees that built and ran an operation such as this. Primal Tribe helped to clarify and implement a new online marketing strategy that would assist them to stay on top in the Canadian and international markets.

Primal Tribe created a dazzling, modern new website using the DNN (DotNetNuke) CMS platform. This site benefitted from our standard mobile responsive design and baseline search engine optimization (SEO) program. The crowning jewel of this project was the aerial photography and videography that we conducted for the site. We used a drone to capture footage and still images in their manufacturing facility, which turned into impressive videos that function as banners. Do yourself a favor and check out this company’s website!

“One of the factors that made Primal Tribe different from other web design and digital marketing companies was the fact that they have the right staff that specialize in a given task. There isn’t just one person to design, code, and write the content for the site. The work is done by specialists, rather than a jack-of-all-trades.”

-Brad Burkart, Sales Manager

Project Goals

1. Engage Readers With an Impactful Web Presence

Primal Tribe intended to create a new website for Manluk that would be captivating and unforgettable. The site is meant to intrigue visitors while giving them the necessary information they need about the company’s values, products, and services so that they can make an informed buying decision. Manluk’s website has become an integral part of their overall strategy to grow their business.

2. Demonstrate the Full Capabilities of Our Client

Manluk wanted to show the true breadth and value of their services and products to their customers. Primal Tribe proposed a thorough documenting of their facility through professional photography and videography which would visually showcase the extensiveness and professionalism of Manluk’s operations. Customers can now see with their own eyes the value of the company and it entices visitors, at the very least, to pick up the phone and call Manluk for more information.