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What’s Next?
In the future, Rockland Landscaping wants to add e-commerce features to their website so that customers will be able to submit online orders for their products. They also recognize that social media is a huge component of online marketing. Going forward, they want to encompass social feeds into their site. Rockland wants to make sure that their blog gets the attention it deserves by spreading the word through social media.

Constructing an Interactive and Responsive Online Presence for a Landscaping Company

Rockland is a truly customer-focused landscaping business that provides a wide variety of summer landscaping services and products. This company is hard at work during the wintertime too because of their snow removal and hauling capabilities. This company is committed to finishing every project on time and on budget; they do this by providing economical (but high-quality products) to their customers.

Rockland Landscaping wasn’t pleased with the HTML site that they had before coming to Primal Tribe. They felt their site had nothing special to set them apart from the competition. Also, their web designer had full control over their site and adding a new picture, product, or changing written content was a costly and time-consuming process. They wanted a responsive, interactive site with eye-catching pictures and banners that they could manage themselves over time.

Primal Tribe helped Rockland Landscaping generate customers outside of the Edmonton area through their newly designed DNN website which won the ‘W3 Silver Award’ for ‘Best Construction Website in 2015’. Our relationship with Rockland continued to grow when they began an online traffic generation program which will help to boost their search engine rankings through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the addition of high-quality content to their online space.

“The work that Primal Tribe has done for Rockland has hit the mark. The website they designed was in line with our vision, and it didn’t take a long time to get it up and running. We really value having quarterly reviews of the effectiveness of our site. Also, the regular communication with Primal Tribe staff ensures that deadlines aren’t being missed. This helps us reach our goals faster.”

-Mandee Takhar, Owner of Rockland Landscaping Supplies


Increase in Organic Search traffic over three months


Decrease in Bounce Rate from Organic Search


Increase of time on Site

Project Goals

1. Improve Rockland’s Organic Search Ranking

Rockland’s top priority was to improve their website traffic significantly from organic searches. They wanted to rank on search engines without paying that search engine for the privilege, within the key regions that they service. An innovative website design and SEO program helped them entice and build credibility with visitors.

2. Empower the Client with the Ability to Improve their Website

This customer had a strong desire to take back control of their website and be able to modify pictures and product descriptions on the fly. The flexible DNN content management system allowed them this power. It no longer takes weeks to change an aspect of their site. They gained the ability to add and delete photos, products, and edit written content as they see fit. This helps their site keep pace with their business and be an accurate reflection of the company.