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Tumbler Ridge is pleased with their site, and they want to continue to be a leading destination for people looking for outdoor adventures in northern B.C. Their business will continue to be steady if they focus on their key Visitor Personas and devote some of their online advertising budgets to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

*Stay tuned for a new Tumbler Ridge BC Municipal website designed by Primal Tribe launching in late 2016!

Linking Outdoor Enthusiasts with a Breathtaking Tourist Destination

Incorporated in 1981, the District of Tumbler Ridge, BC has been an active coal mining community for most of its history. Its economy has also been supported by oil and gas exploration, and the forestry industries. In recent years, the town has become increasingly aware of the value of tourism for growing their economy. Tumbler Ridge is situated in the midst of a land of exceptional beauty, ideal for outdoor recreation. The District of Tumbler Ridge is dotted with provincial parks and is also home to only the second UNESCO Geopark in North America.

The District was having trouble attracting visitors for their tourist industry. Marketing for all of their exciting attractions was confusing and completely separate from each other. There wasn’t enough useful information available online, and visitors had no centralized place to go that showcased all that Tumbler Ridge has to offer for an adventure vacation.

Through Primal Tribe’s efforts, Tumbler Ridge now has a website that functions as a hub for the tourism industry in the district. This site has top notch user experience on any device. It is equipped with a full activities directory that shows the range of possibilities in the Tumbler Ridge area. Primal Tribe helped stretch this client’s budget with ‘Persona Development’ and ‘Content Strategy’ that identified and targeted their ideal customer base. There are also plenty of spectacular photos on their website to promote Tumbler Ridge as a legitimate get away for outdoor thrill-seekers.

“We love our new site! It’s a huge step forward from where we were, and one hundred percent better than our previous website. All of the attractions of the Tumbler Ridge area are laid out for visitors, and it really promotes local tourism. Many people have commented that they’re quite impressed.”

-Jennifer Crisby, District of Tumbler Ridge Administration

Project Goals

1. Get Tumbler Ridge Noticed by Tourists

The main goal of the project was to put Tumbler Ridge out there to the public, and make sure that their website was enticing and informative enough to attract people and showcase the world-class outdoor experiences available. Primal Tribe and the client also wanted to present a great experience regardless of what devices visitors use through mobile responsive design.

2. Maximize Tumbler Ridge’s Advertising Budget

To give Tumbler Ridge the most value for their buck, Primal Tribe needed to provide insight into visitor activities and ideal customer targeting. Online marketing isn’t only about having a fantastic looking site; it has to get in front of the right people to be successful and provide the best return on investment for our client.