Custom Web Design

Modern marketing lives in websites. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind, custom websites to solve your unique marketing and business challenges. Our custom web design solutions help to get ahead of the competition and drive leading results from your website.

At Primal Tribe, all of our work is built from the ground up by our brilliant, creative production team in collaboration with your vision for your website. Our team includes all the skills needed; User Experience (UX), Visual Web Designers, Front-end Developers, Back-end Programmers, Graphic Designers and Content Creators to take your web presence to the next level.

We craft stunning custom websites for multiple purposes:

We make your custom designed website appealing and unique while keeping it professional and adaptive to achieve real results. Here’s why we believe that custom work is the best way to go.


Objective-first Design

Our Project Managers, Web Developers, and Designers always begin by discussing your goals and objectives before we start any work on your website.

Completely Unique

Primal Tribe will produce a website aligned with the ambitions and is a one-of-a-kind recognizable representation of your brand.

Exceptional User Experience

Custom allows us the freedom to tailor the full web experience to your ideal visitors and goals. No compromises to fit a canned template!

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive sites are not an option any more! Search engines love them, and you will too when users can find you on their smartphones and tablets.


Expandable and Upgradeable

Custom web design allows your website to grow with your business. As priorities change, your website can be modified and upgraded to accommodate new technology.


Manage Content Yourself

A custom website gives you have the flexibility to add, edit and remove your content (copy, images, graphics, or videos.) You can also create or remove pages whenever the need arises using a CMS.

Real Data & Analytics

We can install powerful data collection tools on your website including Google Analytics to track your online visitors. We can use the data to respond to maximize strengths & edit areas for improvement.


Custom Tie-ins

If you have online data that you want to access through your website we can create customized tie-ins to retrieve information; Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, e-mail lists, event management systems, calendars, or a product inventory databases.

We follow a proven approach to bring your custom website to life:

1: Discovery & Research

Primal Tribe loves to get to know our clients. We will meet with you; learn about your business; conduct research about your products and industry; we can develop target visitor personas through our research and collaboration.

2: Content Planning & Layout

Primal Tribe can offer content planning, writing, and layout services to ensure that your written copy makes an impact and adequately informs the visitors to your website.

3: User Experience (UX) Design

The basis of an effective website is a focus on User Experience (UX). We work from the profile of your ideal customers to develop our wireframes and sitemaps so that they reflect how real humans will interact with your website.

4: Custom Visual Concept & Design

Making a visual impact is important. All of our concept design mock-ups and websites make use of cutting edge design language and are uniquely suited to your business. Your brand will shine through and your visitors will definitely remember your website!

5: Custom Feature Integration & Platforms

Given our enterprise-level experience integrating your sales CRM, customer databases, product modules, job listings, event calendars and other features to your website is a snap. Including the latest Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms so that you’ll always be able to edit and manage the website.

6: Launch Planning

We take the time and care to ensure that your website goes through proper quality control before we launch your site to the world. We conduct testing, click through analysis, and review your written content and images to ensure it will give the best impression to prospects; regardless what device they use.

7: Promotions Planning

You have a brand new website and it looks amazing, but will anyone see it? Our promotions team ensures that your site is where your customers are online; ranks well on search engines and keeps visitors coming back and interacting with your business.

8: Training & Life-Cycle Support

After your site is launched, you are in the driver’s seat with your website. We provide your team training sessions to show you how to use your Content Management System (CMS) and we can support you throughout the lifespan of your website.

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