Inbound Marketing

Today’s customers do their homework. The vast majority of purchase decisions begin online, with most people using Google of Social channels to research their purchase before reaching out. Traditional “outbound” marketing and advertising channels are missing out as a result. In contrast, “inbound” marketing techniques embrace this fact and aim to provide useful information to these customers as the do their homework in hopes that they will become loyal customers. Inbound focuses on bringing customers to your business through the strength of what you have to offer your customer, beyond your product or service. Inbound marketing depends heavily on targeted messages and engaging, educational, trustworthy content that prospects need to make an educated buying decision.

Inbound marketing can benefit your business in many ways:


You can conduct inbound marketing on multiple online channels that you currently use to target your customers today. Including email, social, website and much more.

Optimized Budget

Traditional “outbound” marketing has a much lower ROI and success rate than inbound marketing. Given the benefit of online data, it is easy to see where your money is getting results and where it is not.


Quality Content

You need to create blogs, podcasts, videos, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers and social media posts that are relevant and attractive to customers. Strong content improves your customer’s understanding of your business and your value over the competition.

Engaged Users

When you provide useful and engaging content, your prospects want to contact your company, buy your products and keep coming back for the information you offer about solutions which you provide through your product or service.

Detailed Reporting

Primal Tribe tracks data and analytics to provide you with reports on our inbound marketing efforts. We let you know what’s working well and where you could grow.


Full Digital Marketing Team

Our entire team puts their skillset to work to make your website the best inbound marketing tool for your prospects. Design, Content, Promotions, Strategy all play a role.


Generates Leads

Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found and draws in customers to your website by producing quality content.

Grow Over Time

The more you commit to inbound marketing techniques, the more you will see a steady increase in qualified leads over time. Each new activity adds value to past activities without replacing their benefits.

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