Online Traffic Generation Programs

Need to grow the visits to your website? In order for your website to be an effective business tool, it needs to attract visitors that have been specifically targeted and have the highest chance of turning into customers for your business. Primal Tribe has the expertise to generate traffic to your website. Our SEO Specialists, Content Planners, and talented design team are able to grow your web traffic by offering Traffic Generation Programs.

Having your website driven by an online Traffic Generation Program there can be many advantages for your business. Here’s why online marketing traffic growth may be for you.

Cost Effective:

Targeted online traffic generation can have an astounding return on investment. “Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing.” (Demand Metric, 2013)

Real Data & Analytics

Primal Tribe will gather and utilize statistics on search keyword performance, data on the people who are actually visiting your site. You will see how they are interacting with your business online in real-time!

Where the Customers Are:

We take the information that’s gathered by our analysis tools to target real customer behaviours online to formulate the best strategy to reach them. Most business purchases start online.

Quick Response

There is a rapid return with online marketing. Results are often seen almost immediately. As opposed to traditional advertisements presented through conventional means.


Highly Engaging

To attract new customers you need to maintain a relevant and intriguing website. You can do this by following SEO best practices, along with adding original and compelling content on your webpages and blog.


Grow Over Time

Online traffic generation will allow your website to evolve over time. As you learn more about your ideal customers, engage with them and respond to the data and statistics provided by our website analysis tools.

Dominate Search Results

The goal of many online traffic generation programs is to increase your rankings on search engines so that you are found by online searchers looking for their needs to be met by your business. Higher ranked websites are more likely to be clicked on over the competition.


Coordinate Traffic Activities

Generating more traffic requires the interaction between search engine optimization, content creation, and online advertising to make a successful campaign. Primal Tribe brings the organization and direction of this process, with a large team of talented specialists.

Here is the process Primal Tribe follows when conducting an Online Traffic Generation Program:

1: Discovery & Research

Primal Tribe gets to know your business goals, products, ideal customers and your plans for the future so we can develop your program around a thorough discussion about the realities and ambitions of your business.

2: Targeting & Planning

We handle planning your program by setting out a budget, developing target personas based on real data about your ideal customers, scheduling workflow, assigning responsibilities and deadlines.

3: Campaign Launch

Primal Tribe manages the campaign from day one with all the right tools and planned activities to carry through month by month, quarter by quarter and year by year.

4: Website Monitoring

Our team brings powerful tools to monitor the performance of your site. We check it often to ensure that our work has been successful at increasing your search engine ranking and growing traffic.

5: Performance Reporting

We provide you with customized reports with easy to understand real data about the performance of your website. Reports provide insight into what has been successful and allow us to make decisions about our next steps. Your team will have clarity and confidence in our work.

6: Website Adaptation

Your website is a dynamic marketing tool, and we need flexibility to “experiment” and refine our strategy. We regularly recommend changes to improve the performance of your website, each time making it stronger.

7: Establishing a Routine

Primal Tribe has internal processes to establish a flow of work for our employees and for the tasks that our clients need to complete each phase of a project. We set a routine you can rely on and build trusted performance over time.

8: Training & Life-Cycle Support

After your site is launched, you are in the driver’s seat with your website. We provide your team training sessions to show you how to use your Content Management System (CMS) and we can support you throughout the lifespan of your website.

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