Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of attracting and keeping customers on a website through the optimization of the user experience and content available on your website. If done well, Google will prefer those websites with superior visitor experiences and quality content; resulting in increased search rankings for relevant targeted search terms. Search Engine Optimization combines both “on-page” and “off-page” activities to increase your position on search engine ranking pages for your key services and customer needs.

On-page SEO involves the improvements performed directly on the webpage that visitors can see:

  • URLs that represent the content.
  • Navigation and sitemaps that are user-friendly.
  • Internal links to increase credibility.
  • Formatting and layout of text. (h1, h2 headings)
  • Tagging and optimization of images (image size, descriptions and use of ALT tags)
  • Pages that load quickly.
  • Updating content on your site regularly.
  • Maximizing visitors experience (time on site, engagement level, etc.)

Off-page optimization refers to the elements that online visitors won’t see; they are outside the boundaries of the webpage:

  • Google Analytics reporting.
  • Links from other websites.
  • Social media shares.
  • Popularity of website outside of social media.

Primal Tribe analyses your current site (site map, content, tagging, links) to determine its strengths and areas for improvement. We conduct research to target what phrases and words prospects are searching and carefully select relevant keywords. Using this information we recommend which on-site and off-site SEO activities should be conducted. Primal Tribe can also write the copy on your website to that it conforms to these SEO best practices.

A successful search engine optimization campaign has the following benefits for your website:


Unique Content

We begin the process of SEO with writing unique content for your website. Well-written content will attract the most attention to your site. Crawlers can detect duplicate content and will rate this lower than fresh custom targeted content.

Grow Traffic

Search Engine Optimization gets you noticed by search engines and helps to lift your rankings on the results pages. You will generate more traffic and more leads when you are on an SEO program. Most customers begin their search for solutions online first.

Targeted Messages

Google Analytics gives you the power to track your web traffic and learn information about your visitors. This can help learn from your ideal customers and how best to target them; improving your marketing efficiency.

Detailed Reports

Every quarter, our SEO Specialists will review your analytics data and provide a report about the performance of your website. The reports make recommendations for further activities to improve your SEO and are clear and easy to understand.

Competitive Advantage

The internet is a competitive place and businesses struggle for attention. If you’re not paying attention to SEO, you will always be outmanoeuvred and attract fewer customers than competitors who do. Strong SEO can set you apart from the competition as a leader.

Strong ROI

Traditional advertising with print material, billboards, or radio ads are expensive. They are also generic, aren’t closely targeted to any specific customer and run for a limited cycle. SEO allows you to track performance, analyse traffic and reach your ideal customers that are more likely to buy; fast and dependable.

Cumulative Benefits

As you add more content on your website, build an online reputation and experiment with changes, your website will get better results as it builds trust and authority with visitors. It’s an asset that grows over time. Building on past successes.


Dependable Results

Search engines index your website and notice changes that you make to your website. Frequent updates will increase traffic statistics, attract higher quality leads, resulting in strong consistent traffic, month after month.

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