The Tribe

Chris Lawson
Business Development Manager

Chris Lawson Business Dev Manager Headshot

Before joining the tribe in July of 2015, Chris had experience working in the banking industry, real estate sales, and even owned his own tourism business in the Dominican Republic. His diverse experience makes him ideally suited to working closely with Primal Tribe’s clients, who come to us from a variety of backgrounds themselves. He is a truly hands-on manager, able to build a rapport with any customer, no matter which industry they work in, or type of business they run.

Chris specializes in digital business development strategies, and his role is to assist the business development team and our customers to plan, coordinate, and execute marketing initiatives that will benefit their businesses marketing and operational business goals. Chris always aims to develop creative solutions and tools our clients need to succeed in today’s web and mobile based environment. He also maintains an understanding of their budget and business realities. He finds it exciting and fulfilling to overcome marketing obstacles for clients.

The aspect of his job that Chris particularly loves is acting as a mentor to our growing business development team. You can tell that he cares about their success as much as his own, and he is always there to offer advice that will help his team effectively serve our clients.

Outside of work, Chris has an interest in music, and you will find him playing his electric guitar, bass guitar, or drums. He has also worked abroad in the Dominican Republic and Australia.