The Tribe

Jordan Woolf
Strategy & Promotions Director

Jordan Woolf Strategy Director Headshot

Jordan joined the Primal Tribe team in October of 2007. He is a pillar of our agency and part of our senior leadership team in his role as our Strategy and Promotions Director. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business (BBA) from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Fine Arts Diploma from the Okanagan University College (OUC), he brings an in-depth knowledge, an understanding of digital marketing strategy and design to our projects.

As our Strategy and Promotions Director, he is responsible for managing, planning, strategy and the oversight of the development of multi-channel digital promotions campaigns for our most important projects. He leads our Promotions team and organizes programs and measurement tools to improve marketing performance from our online promotions campaigns. Jordan finds the best part of his day is when he is solving complex communications challenges for clients and introduces innovative new technology services and solutions into the Primal Tribe business model.

Jordan says that working at an agency that functions as the bridge between ‘marketing’ and ‘technology’ consistently flexes his creativity. Our industry is always changing, and we’re always learning something new as a team. We are frequently faced with previously unseen challenges that provide an endless array of potential solutions for design.

Jordan enjoys collecting vintage stereo and audio equipment and is also a long-distance hiking enthusiast in his spare time.