Visual Website Optimization (VWO)

Visual Website Optimization (VWO) focuses on the small details of your website’s design and how the visitors interact with its visual components. VWO is intended to analyze the influence of visual design on the experience and impressions perceived by your users. These elements may have an impact on your conversion rates and even customer satisfaction. It combines Primal Tribe’s knowledge about practical and effective design with real user data from tracking software that can offer insights for maximizing visual appeal.

We can conduct the following activities to improve your site:

  • Design Version Testing
  • A/B Tests
  • User Testing
  • Split URL Testing
  • Heat-maps
  • Call-to-Action Testing
  • Analytics
  • Behavioral Targeting

When you pay close attention to Visual Website Optimization (VWO) you will:

Maximize Performance

Your website only has a few seconds to catch the eye of your audience. VWO maximizes the allure that will keep visitors engaged with your website.

Increase ROI

The visual impact of your site can have a real, discernible effect on your traffic and number of leads you attract. By adding VWO to your website, you can ensure that you’re making the most of your other marketing activities.

Drive Action

Effective design and visual optimization will direct visitor attention to the pages and elements that you want them to click on; to become a lead and hopefully a customer.


Increase Inquiries

When prospects come across a site that looks professional and refined, it will motivate them to contact your business. Sometimes this appeal is subconscious or even counter-intuitive.


Gain Insights

VWO can help you collect data and information on how your online visitors are perceiving your website design and visuals.


Test Assumptions

You may have some preconceived notions about the website your ideal customers wants to see. Are your intuitions correct? We can run tests and analytics to find out.


Test Variations

Using A/B testing you can compare two design concept options to see which is more visually appealing and will result in more conversions before anything is implemented live on your website.

Learn from Real Users

Heat-map testing will show you which visual elements are attracting the attention of visitors to your site and if they are navigating through your site in the way you intend to meet your objectives.

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