Web Application Development

Web Applications (Apps) will do amazing things for your website. They can take information stored on back-end databases such as inventory modules, appointment calendars or product specification sheets, synthesize it and present it to the user in a consistent format. Web apps also function to help customers conduct activities from online banking, shopping, playing games, or obtaining a quote from a business. They are everywhere and allow your site to communicate and interact with users.

Web Applications take many forms.
We can help with them all:

  • Mobile Apps (iPhone, Android)
  • Tablet Apps (Windows, iPad, Android)
  • Web Browser-based Apps
  • Database Apps
  • eCommerce Apps
  • Connected Device Apps

Here are some of the advantages of having your web app designed by Primal Tribe:

Meet Customer Needs

If you’ve searched everywhere for a pre-made app and can’t find one to meet your needs, Primal Tribe can create a web app to satisfy any specific requirement for your business.

Enhanced User Experience

If your online visitors interact with your site differently than expected, or your business has a unique workflow that doesn’t fit in well with existing apps; Primal Tribe can design you an app to help you bridge this disconnect while still maintaining brand consistency.

Unique Advantage

Imagine the surprise a visitor will feel when they land on your site and your business provides an app or custom feature that can’t be found anywhere else! Customers will love a tool that makes interacting with your company simpler or more enjoyable.

Hosted Online

In contrast to native apps that are created for a single hardware platform, web applications are hosted online, so they are portable and are easy to use anywhere in the world. They can also tap into other online apps or data.


Designed For Objectives

Before we commence work on the app, Primal Tribe will discuss how the app is used and how it should function at the end of the design and implementation process. We will deliver a product that fits your business processes, rather than having to change your processes to align with software.

Low Operating Cost

Web apps are cheaper to build than native apps. Creating one requires fewer labour hours because you don’t have to build separate apps to be compatible with different hardware.

Real Data & Analytics

You’ll want to know if your web app is working the way you intend. We can monitor performance with analytics software and make changes that are justified using hard data.

Software Tie-ins

Primal Tribe will help you sync up your app with other software and modules that are already used by your business.

Here is the process that Primal Tribe follows for web app development:

1: Discovery & Research

Primal Tribe will meet with you to discuss the goals of your project and the particular function of the web app. We delve into information on your business, product or service, and competition.

2: Custom Design

We use a profile of your ideal customer to make decisions about the visual concept and functionality and use cases of your new web app.

3: UX Design

Our design team starts by focusing on how your ideal customer will likely use your web app and create the app from this perspective. We use code to simplify real human interactions.

4: Custom Feature Integration & Platforms

We make sure your web app works to the advantage of your business and functions seamlessly with the software and hardware you already use in your business.

5: Security Features

If your web app requires security features we will include this to protect your customer’s information.

6: Launch Planning

We take the time and care to ensure that your website goes through proper quality control before we launch your site to the world. We conduct testing to ensure it will give the best impression to prospects.

7: Promotions Planning

We plan activities to ensure that your new web application is found and utilized by your customers and online searchers.

8: Training & Life-cycle Support

We don’t simply hand over a web app to you after we’ve designed it. We train you on how to make adjustments and support the app for the entire span of its functionality.

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